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The Community Living Services consists of group homes located on the Newton Campus in Newton, Mississippi and the Kemper Campus in DeKalb, Mississippi, which prepare clients for independent living.

Philosophy of Care

Attending groups, as well as living in group homes together, offers clients opportunities to learn various skills, such as functional interpersonal relationships, conflict resolution, money management skills, and appropriate use of free time.  As the transition phase from an inpatient setting to more independent living, we offer assistance in obtaining benefits and options for various types of living arrangements, including independent living, group home living, assisted living, and placement assistance through MUTEH and SPOTT.

Daily Activities

Clients learn basic skills such as meal preparation, housekeeping skills, and organization.  EMSH partners with Region 10 Community Mental Health Center to provide daily classes including substance abuse and relapse prevention, illness management and recovery, wellness recovery action plans, whole health action management, healthy living, social skills, budgeting, and special topics.


East Mississippi State Hospital

1818 College Drive

Meridian, MS 39307

Phone: 601-581-7600

Fax: 601-581-7676